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Advanced Guitar in 3 Months

Or your money back

3 Month Beast Mode Guitar Boot Camp
(Percussive Edition)

Beginner to Advanced Fingerstyle Guitar in 3 Months


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FAST progress

If you're thinking: 'Learning guitar takes too long.'
My 3 month boot camp will turn you into a guitar beast FAST. Learning guitar depends on the skill of your teacher and your enthusiasm. You will see massive gains every week.


EASY steps

Every lesson has been turned into its simplest form, so you can learn jaw-dropping fingerstyle guitar easily and in a way that makes sense.

Fits around lifestyle

No doubt you have other commitments. That's why the course requires just one short lesson per week (averaging 10-15minutes) and only one practice session per week.


Beginner Friendly

Boost your guitar ability, no matter your starting point. Even if you have never picked up guitar before, this course will take you from Complete Beginner to Advanced, and beyond.
It also has TONS of secrets and value for experienced players.

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Hi, I'm Tate.

In this course, you'll learn SKILL and a jawdropping guitar ability you didn't know you had! This course teaches breakthrough after breakthrough. You'll soon have everyone in your life question how and when you got so good, so fast!

But, it's not for everyone, this course is only for people who want to get advanced on guitar, and can commit to 3 months. The only thing that can stop you is you.

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Beginner to Advanced 3 Month Boot Camp

My signature 3 Month Boot Camp will give you all the skills required to become an advanced player, even if you have never picked up the guitar before.

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Learn to Play Shockwave

My song Shockwave is broken down into digestible chunks so that you can perform this song.

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Challenger Mode

Test yourself against different levels of challenges and be in with a chance to win prizes. New challenges will be released every month.


Beyond Advanced

Get direct 1 on 1 feedback with Tate Marshall.

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Let's clear some things up:

You have not left it too late to start.

I put in thousands of hours so that you don't have to. These lessons skip the struggle and teach you the pure benefits. See them as the condensed breakthroughs.

You are musical.


Musicality is a skill you learn, and I teach it FAST. You will unlock your talent, and your jaw will drop in disbelief as you witness the guitar beast you become.


And for experienced players. No offense. You can be so much better than you are.

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Mike Dawes

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Trevor Gordon Hall

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Yvette Young

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Andy Mckee

"Tate's guitar playing blends so many unique styles and techniques into a dazzling experience." - Trevor Gordon Hall

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Advanced in 3 Months or your money BACK!

I am so confident in my course and your guitar potential, that if you are not able to complete the Advanced Challenger Mode in 3 months (basically if you're not advanced in 3 months) I will give you every penny of your money back!
So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

  • What guitar level do I need to start?
    Your membership includes a course for complete beginners. That means you can start the process to becoming advanced on guitar TODAY, even if you have never picked up a guitar before!
  • How do I know if this course is for me?
    This course is for you if you are someone who wants to play the highest level of fingerstyle guitar / percussive guitar. If you always wanted to learn, or maybe you tried once, this course will help you realise your guitar goals. The beginner courses are designed to be inclusive, friendly and will make you a better guitarist than even you believe you can be. This is also for you if you have an electric background and want to learn a new style. It's also for you if you are an intermediate and advanced player, as there is tons of high end content also.
  • What equipment do I need to start?
    Glad you asked. You'll just need a guitar (preferably acoustic as it works for the percussion) and also steel strings instead of nylon is better (although not essential). You'll also need an internet connection as the course is online.
  • Will I get to work with Tate personally?
    Tate is working on improving your learning and experience every day, he also offers direct 1 on 1 feedback for Pro Members (see membership options).
  • What subscription options are there?
    There are two options. The Monthly option at $24 per month (about the average price of a single guitar lesson plus you can cancel at any time). This option gives you access to the complete beginner course, the 3 Month Beginner to Advanced Boot Camp, the Beyond Advanced course and monthly Challenger tasks. The second option is the Pro option, it's $16.50 per month but billed annually at $199.99. This option gives you everything the monthly option gives you, PLUS direct feedback with Tate and the exclusive Learn to Play Shockwave course.
  • How do I access the courses?
    Once you have signed up you will be directed to the member's area, from there you will have access to all the videos online. To return to the courses, simply log back in. You will need an internet connection as the videos cannot be downloaded.
  • What is Challenger mode?
    Each level has challenges to test what you have learnt. New challenges will also be released with prizes including 1 on 1 direct lessons with Tate, guitar merch and other exciting rewards.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription at any time! We hope to provide enough content to keep you improving and interested every month, however, if you would like to cancel, simply email and we'll sort that out for you. 😁
  • For anything else
    If you have any questions that haven't been answered, please contact and we will get back to you ASAP.

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