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Learn to play shockwave tatum marshall

Face-to-face video lesson with Tatum

Dominate the Guitar Combo

  • Learn to play Shockwave Online Course +

  • 1on1 direct lesson with Tatum

  • Beginner friendly


*Only for those who are serious about getting good*

1. Learn to play 'Shockwave' online course (only found here).

2. Improve your skills with a personalized face to face lesson via video with Tatum (recommended after course)

3. Get access to Tatum's WhatsApp

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-27 at 1.12.13 PM (1).jpeg

Already accessed? Continue below

Can't access? Try these steps: 

1. Click on this link and select 'Access Shockwave' (it's free): 

2. Sign up or login and then click 'Get Plan'.

3. Click 'Let's Go' or use this link to access videos:

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